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If you can paste the last lines preceeding the error where gcc bails out and barfs that'll be helpful :) Also it might not be that qmake isn't installed but rather its just not in your path.

To determine your path use the following:

#>echo $PATH

see if qmake is in your path

#>which qmake

if it reports its not found or not in your path see if you can locate it manually.

#>locate qmake

found, great edit your path accordingly

Not found, if you get a slocate error as root do the following


rinse and retry

You can also use find to locate the file but it may take longer

#>find / -name qmake

Found? Great edit your path.
Not found?

You may need the qt-dev packages from the Mandrake CD or you can compile from source ... To compile a generic package from source *note that you should always read the included "install or readme" file to make sure the install isn't different.

gunzip <filname.gz>
tar -xf <filename.tar>
cd <filename dir>

3.make install
4. You're done and should be set!

Hope this helps.

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