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Don't know how many are affected, but this could be a nasty one... just saw it on the news.

I actually don't know how severe this is compared to regular virii.. so make of it what you will.

A link to a slashdot article:

It may contain some help with removing the infection.
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Ahh You be at me to it .... Yeah Looks Nasty. I think most common microsoft OS are affected :cry:
I think its just 2k. I hope...
DumberDrummer said:
I think its just 2k. I hope...
Correct. This Worm is only attacking Windows 2000. BTW...MS released a patch last week to address this hole. Only those that have been 'Slacken' off on their security updates should get this worm.

Saw on the news..NBC, USA Today and few others got infected. They need to get on their systems IT/Admin it's there
Was going to post something here yesterday, heard it on the news. And Microbell covered all the bases as usual :grin:

Only effects Windows 2000 and Microsoft has indeed released a patch.

They need to get on their systems IT/Admin it's there
That would be in their job description :sayyes:
Zotob worm hole also affects Windows XP
Published: August 23, 2005, 6:45 PM PDT
By Joris Evers
Staff Writer, CNET

The plug-and-play vulnerability that caused havoc for Windows 2000 users last week also holds a serious risk for some Windows XP users, Microsoft said Tuesday. Computers running Windows XP with Service Pack 1 in a specific configuration are vulnerable to worm attacks similar to the ones that hit Windows 2000 systems, Microsoft said in a security advisory published Tuesday.

The Zotob worm and its offshoots, plus several other worms, downed Windows 2000 computers, including systems at ABC, CNN and The New York Times. All the worms exploited a security hole in the plug-and-play feature in Windows, for which Microsoft provided a fix earlier this month and rated as "critical" for Windows 2000.

It was previously thought that only Windows 2000 machines were vulnerable to remote attack using the plug-and-play flaw. However, Microsoft in its security advisory on Tuesday specified one scenario that also exposes select Windows XP users.

Also vulnerable are systems that run Windows XP with SP1 with file and printer sharing and the Windows guest user account enabled, according to Microsoft. This would likely be home users, because PCs are not vulnerable if connected to a network domain, which is common in business environments, Microsoft said.
OUCH, new info scares me :laugh:
For gods sake, leave the home user alone what is wrong with these people anyway :4-dontkno

I think Microsoft is forcing the user to install SP2, think about it.......... done? Doesnt it make sense? ? ? ? ? ?
It s been more than 2 years ago that the security software companies recommended to disable the function plug-and-play in windows !!!
Those infected ,were they sleeping ????
can we just disable the services?

some of the services like Windows Audio need plug-and-play to function properly.
I did long time ago an audit of my pc to see if i have any hole not patched ,and i used eye retina software ,the result after the scan : first thing i was asked by the software if i wanted to disable P'np , and i said yes .

I think there is also different tweak programs that does it too ,like tune up 2004

If you have Xp SP2 ,you are protected from the exploit , you have nothing to fear .
Click on my link , and read what has been said about pnp since 2001
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