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ZonedOut and ie-spyad questions

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Hi everyone, after Teton Bob helped me to remove my malware, he said that I should update

ZonedOut and ie-spyad about once per month.

I have two questions:

1. Are these the same program?

2. How do I get the updates?

3. How do I know if there are updates?

Thanks in advance
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Hi again -

I believe I said to check to see if IE-Spyad needed updating once a month or so.

ZonedOut is the application used to install the protections of IE-Spyad. ZonedOut should not need to be updated.

As shown in this article:

To update the protection:

After the initial installation, it is recommended to visit the IE-Spyad site monthly, to check for any possible updates.

To know if there are updated definitions, look below the download section. Currently, the latest update was:

Last Updated: Feb 5 '08
So, you don't need to update.

In the the article in the first link.

To update IE-Spyad for ZonedOut®, simply download the self-extracting executable version of IE-Spyad once again, and repeat the procedures for uninstalling old versions, and installing new versions. At this time, only the ie-ads.txt and IE-NFE.txt files are updated.
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Thanks again Bob.
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