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Zonealarm, filesharing question

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Hello, I have Zonealarm on several computers and i have a problem transfering files between the computers when zonealarm is running. I have the ip addresses of both computers in the trusted zone and everything appears to be right but the only way i can get anything transfered is when i shut down zonealarm on both computers. What am i missing?
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In zone alarm click on firewall and under the main tab you should see "trusted zone security". Make sure its set to medium.

I have it set to medium, and i have even tried setting it to low, but no luck.
hmmm....are you using service pack2? is so, have you disabled the windows firewall?

I have Disabled it, i think it might actually be an option in zonealarm, im not sure i may be thinking of something else. but i do know it is disabled. and i am on service pack 2 also.

Mike Davison
Put the whole 192.168.x.x subnet in the trusted zone.
that's what i did on mine.

mine is set for an ip range of to

this way, zonealarm sleeps through ALL lan activity.

Thanks for your help, i put the ip range in and it works great now, but do i need to worry about anybody getting into my computers by having such a large range open?

Thanks again.
only if someone plugs in a cable to your router....

or if you have wireless, and don't have any encryption on the router.
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