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I have been facing an acute and rather strange zippyshare file accessing problem for the past 3 months.

The problem is that there are a set of zippyhsre links from which all the links are active and working. Now ever link works except for one particular link which never opens or the connection gets timed out.

I have tried proxies but no proxy has been able to be of any help at all. :banghead: Now the funny thing is the admin has confirmed that all the links are working and other users have been able to download them.

For e.g. link
In the link above all of the zippyshare files are accessible except for the 10th link.
Now this is a problem for every download link in that site. Every download link is working except for one.

Is there any solution on how I can download that specific link. It's very important for me that I get those files.

Thank You.
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