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My zen fuze got splashed in water for a few seconds 2days ago I put it in a rice bowl I put it near a hot radiotor for 5 minutes so now I turn it on it says release, turn off Hold button , system will shut down
It powers off after 3 seconds no matter if I hold the Hold button up or reset by holding power button for 30 seconds
I charged it and also copied about 7 gig of mp3 files to my pc
I looked on zen forum the only info I can see is download the latest firmware
I have Windows 7 pc if I plug in the zen I see square box menu, zen player power eg 45 per centb, browse files internal , settings, change settings,
4 choices, take no action, show notification if player plugged in, and 2 more

I read on forum I can install rock box media player but I'd need to go to menu, settings , zen, set USB to Msc mode

One time the full menu appeared, music, video, images, settings, but I never thought to change the USB mode to Msc
Now I just get switch off Hold button system will shutdown , after the zen animation flower type logo appears
I might just open up the player and just make sure it's fully dry
I know I can just buy an 8gig player for 20 euros on ebay I can't find info on how to Reset a zen fuze mp3 player
I used it for 3 years would it make any difference if I put a 16 gig sdcard in the sdcard slot?
Any advice would be appreciated.

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The problem with electrically conductive liquids inside of electronic equipment is they allow electrical currents to travel across unintended paths. This can immediately damage the electronic components those improper currents traveled through.

In order to find out exactly what was damaged and where would require proper testing equipment, the knowledge required to use it and to perform the tests . . . the cost of which could far and away exceed the cost of a passel of new MP3 players.
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