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Yet Another BSOD :/ [full doc]

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Windows 7 64bit Home Premium​
OEM, Fresh?
OEM Fresh install (so original)​
Age of unit?
Less that 3 months​

· CPU = 740QM Core i7
· Video Card = 460M Nvidia
· MotherBoard = medion? unknown
· Power Supply = medion? unknown

· System Manufacturer = Medion
· Exact model number = X6811 (idk specific)

It seems to me to happen when I plug in a USB?

Thanks For All your help people! :pray:


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Is this is a different system to your last thread -

I see from the event logs that you have definitely had BSODs, however no minidumps (the core of BSOD analysis) were included in the zip file, please check that your system is set up to generate them:
Go to START -> type view advanced system settings press enter -> Advanced -> Settings (under Startup and Recovery)

You should see a screen that looks like this -

Set the settings how I have them (Automatic Restart is personal preference).

On the Drop-down with Small memory dump (256KB) in it select Kernel Memory Dump and check that that has the Directory set to %SystemRoot%\MEMORY.DMP. Make sure to set the drop down back to Small memory dump (256KB)

Then press OK.

Also go back a few windows, and instead of selecting Settings (under Startup and Recovery) select Settings (under Performance) -> Advanced -> Change (under virtual memory) -> make sure Automatically manage paging file size for all drives is ticked, then press OK.
It seems to me to happen when I plug in a USB?
Any USB device? What USB devices do you normally plugged in (ie; mouse? keyboard?).
Yes it is! (wow forgot about that laptop HP lol)

Made the changes to my dump file, I presume I wait for it to occur again?

generally USB memory sticks, I've been making live usbs ;)

thanks for the quick reply!
Yes, wait for the next BSOD.

What other USB devices do you normally have plugged in (mouse? keyboard?).
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