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yellow question marks - device manager

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Howdie, i'm using a Inspiron E1705 with Windows XP. I recently had to reinstall XP due to some problems with a virus. Anyhow, I don't have any sound whatsoever. When i click on Sounds & Audio Devices i can't adjust anything. It says "No Audio Device".

There are also yellow question marks in Device Manager, next to the following...

Network Controller
PCI device
SM Bus Controller
Video Controller
Video Controller (VGA Compatible)

Can anyone help me out?

Thanking you all in advance.
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It means mostly that you don't have any drivers installed for the devices. The PCI device is probally your sound card and the Video controller is obviously your video card. If you don't know what your devices are then you won't be able to get the drivers on your own so you need to download unknown device identifier through here: and when you have it installed scroll down the list till you see the Network controller and the other devices that you listed there and click a plus next to them and give me the information on them and I can direct you where you need to download the drivers for them. If you have any further questions just ask and I can help.
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