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I've been playing the click test game online on my laptop for a while with a USB Keyboard but yesterday I noticed the built-in keyboard of my laptop didn't work anymore.
The only thing that's working is the FN key when I want to adjust the keyboard's backlight.
I spent the whole evening checking for solutions, here is what I tried :
-Letting the battery run out of power by itself
-Shutting down the computer after holding the power button for 60seconds (makes the keyboard work in BIOS but not on Windows)
-Updating the BIOS
-I've tried to install the firmware update for the keyboard but the software doesn't work and tell me that device-1 cannot be found
-Uninstall keyboard drivers in device manager
And with every single solution I've tried my keyboard NEVER worked on windows, not once. I can use it reliably in BIOS though, provided I shut the computer down with the dedicated button. The fact that I can't even install the new keyboard drivers is pretty annoying as well
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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