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Hi, i have a 2 partitioned hard drive c&d can i xxclone c to d
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yes ... itl copy everything (including mbs and other stuff if selected) to the second drive making an exact "clone" of it .

im not 100% sure of what your asking, if you need instructions or if u just wanted to know.
:confused: hi i have one drive partitioned into 2 c & d im having trouble with c and wanted to move everything to d. when i tryed folling the instructions from here it doesnt show any drives. on the instruction sheet i see disk mgmt in the little picture on mine i see fdisk? my c has 16 gb and my d has 40 gb how do i do this? or can i take space from d and give it to c?

you can redistribute space from D drive and give it to C

btw: you dont have diskmangment in your xxclone because your OS is win 98

if you were using win xp or 2000 you would see disk management

xxclone does work with win 98 but perhaps the partition resizer is better suited for you ???
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