My reviews with RAVPower have always been a pleasure to write and I find myself using their battery chargers almost every day. The chargers, however, are typically one time chargers meaning they can charge one device to full power then need to be charged themselves.

The chargers also typically only charge USB devices like tablets and phones. Now, RAVPower has provided me with a new advanced charger, one that charges more than your tablet and phone and one that lasts weeks with its higher storage capacity.

Throughout my review of the RAVPower Xtreme, I will be writing about the following topics: the unboxing, usage, features, and my final thoughts.

Figure 1 – What’s included in the box.

The Unboxing

The Xtreme battery pack comes in what I would call a premium carrying box that has a felt lining to it. The box holds all of the accessories including the battery pack itself, this is extremely useful for traveling as the contents are such a good compact fit, that it’s unlikely that you would lose anything.

When opening up the box, you find the large matte black Xtreme battery pack and the accessories underneath. The unit comes with its own AC wall adapter charging cable, Apple 30Pin, Mini USB, Micro USB, and Nokia DC 2.0 smartphone charging cables. The accessories lack the new Apple lighting cable which is something I would like to see included for new products. RAVPower also provides two USB power cables that are used when charging smartphones. Next, there is the user and operation manual to show you how to charge devices.

Lastly, are the laptop charging cables and DC power cable. With the ability to charge your laptop to full battery capacity, the Xtreme comes with many different types of laptop connectors to work with different laptop manufacturers. Be sure to adjust the correct voltage before charging your laptop.

You can view the different types of laptop connectors here:

A: 6.0*1.4-for Sony
E2: 3.0*1.0-for Acer (Ultrabook)
C: 5.5*2.1-for Lenovo, Acer, And Toshiba
D: 4.75*1.7-for Asus, HP
E: 5.5*1.7-for Acer
G: 4.0*1.7-for Acer, BenQ
H: 5.5*3.25-for Samsung
M: 4.5*11-for Lenovo (Ultrabook)
J: 7.4*5.0-for Dell, HP
K: 7.9*5.4-for Lenovo, Sony

Figure 2 – Three different charging options.

My Usage

One thing that impressed me while reviewing the Xtreme, is its ability to charge multiple devices simultaneously. The DC Output that can charge laptops is perfect. By setting the correct voltage that matches your OEM charger (9V, 12V, 16V, 19V, 20V) you can go mobile with your laptop, but still maintain power.

Then with its two USB outputs, it can provide power to your smartphone and tablet. USB 1 has a 5V/1A output for smartphones and USB 2 provides 5V/2A for tablets and newer smartphones.

Its 23000mAh battery lasts weeks when charging the same device over and over, and a few days when charging multiple items at once. I found that a full recharge of the Xtreme will take a few hours before it is ready to use.

While using the Xtreme I found that I left it in my bedroom for when I would bring my laptop into the room, that way I could maintain power without a AC adapter. Also, I did not need to be next to an outlet for the PC to stay powered. I could also power my tablet while I play Hearthstone on it.

I have had the Xtreme for a few weeks now and I have only needed to charge it once. That shows just how much power is stored in this device and it all fits nicely in a reasonably sized carrying case.

Figure 3 – The Xtreme’s slim design.


I’ve spoken of the design of the Xtreme a few times now. It’s fashionable and slim design lets you feel that you own a premium device. The Xtreme has a durable aluminum-body that ensures it has a reasonable heat dissipation; I found that my unit never did get hot. Also found on the top is their smart LCD display that reads current power and which devices are plugged in. The battery inside the Xtreme is a standard lithium-ion polymer that is found in laptops and smartphones.

As the top is an aluminum-body, the underside is a glossy plastic that, unfortunately, attracts many finger prints. The smart LCD on the top also stays on if anything is plugged into the device, even if it is not powering anything. Something I would like to see improved is that the smart LCD display enters sleep mode while not charging anything.

The Xtreme is also safe to use on your devices. Our phones and laptops are precious to us and we would not want them to get damaged. The Xtreme ensures safety by having overcharge, overvoltage, overcurrent, over temperature, and short circuit protection.

The final feature is the ultra-high 23000mAh capacity. The Xtreme can charge an iPhone up to twelve times, the Galaxy S4 seven times, and tablets three to four times. While the product offers a great style, I was also amazed at the mobilization of a 23000mAh battery. The ability to charge three devices all at the same time is my favorite feature.

Figure 4 – Charge nearly any product!

My Final Thoughts

Just like the rest of my RAVPower products, this is another one I will continue to use. The long lasting battery is another of my favorite features in that I can go on a week vacation and not even bring one wall charger. At a price point of $99.99, I feel that you get a high quality product with the ability to meet your charging needs.

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