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XP x64 Edition - Broken PC >.<

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back to one of these. lol
i was downloading drivers for my Mobo Sound, and a BIOS update driver for my MoBo.
basically, installed sound driver and BIOS driver, restarted PC, and now it won't Load up. just keeps going on a loop restarting.
basically, after going through the "press F6 For BIOS Screen" and "F4 for RAID screen" screens, it goes onto a new screen saying

some ****, then
"Safe mode"
"Safe mode + Networking"
"Safe mode + Command Prompt"

"last known working Config"

"Start as Normal"

i've tried all, none work.

so, i tried reformatting, load up reformat disc, starts loading everything.
then get's stuck on "Setup is starting Windows"

and just stays on that

i'm screwed, need help >.<

i have pics of both screens if needed.

my System is:

Windows XP x64 Edition O/S
ASUS A8N-SLi Premium Mobo
AMD Dual Core 4800+ Processor
Dual nVidia 7800GTX
Onboard Sound

anymore info needed, just ask :)
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I never recommend flashing bios if nothing is wrong, especially on a new
build. You may try going into bios and reset things, bios is whacked, set
back to defaults when you updated it more than likely.
You need to go thru bios and set it to your system. Defaults wont cut it.
You need to check everything from the time and date, to the type
of harddrives you have. Get the manual, go thru it step by step. If you
dont have the manual you should be able to find it online.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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