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XP x64 Edition - Broken PC >.<

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back to one of these. lol
i was downloading drivers for my Mobo Sound, and a BIOS update driver for my MoBo.
basically, installed sound driver and BIOS driver, restarted PC, and now it won't Load up. just keeps going on a loop restarting.
basically, after going through the "press F6 For BIOS Screen" and "F4 for RAID screen" screens, it goes onto a new screen saying

some ****, then
"Safe mode"
"Safe mode + Networking"
"Safe mode + Command Prompt"

"last known working Config"

"Start as Normal"

i've tried all, none work.

so, i tried reformatting, load up reformat disc, starts loading everything.
then get's stuck on "Setup is starting Windows"

and just stays on that

i'm screwed, need help >.<

i have pics of both screens if needed.

my System is:

Windows XP x64 Edition O/S
ASUS A8N-SLi Premium Mobo
AMD Dual Core 4800+ Processor
Dual nVidia 7800GTX
Onboard Sound

anymore info needed, just ask :)
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well, i reset to defaults in BOIS after i tried editing some things, although i'm not too sure what to edit and what not to touch :4-dontkno
i'm abit of a Noob at BIOS settings, but i'll give this a try, i guess i have nothing to loose, lol.
>.< time consuming... i'll have to find a free day and spend it doing trial and error! :(
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