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XP wont turn off!

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Very informative site! Well straight to the point, I purchased an Acer Extensa 5220 laptop which had Vista Home Basic budled on it. I do not like Vista so I backed it up to 3 DVDs incase I decide to put it back on.

Am back with my XP but have noticed that the laptop does NOT turn off when the red switch off button is pressed. One night I waiting for 3 hours and it hung there in the "Windows is shutting down" screen.

Having said all of the above (laptop-running on battery power, is alongside the desktop) I though there had to be something running to stop it from actually turning off as I have the power scheme set correct(AC-never turn off hard disc/screen-batteries-5&10 minutes respectively for both AC & Batteries.)

I had MS LiveOneCare on there so I just now uninstalled it and its still hanging, only way I can turn the computer off is to physically turn it off at the power button near the screen! I can sometimes click restart and it works but not often.
Can anyone help before I pull more hair out of my head?:pray:
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Hi Wazza,

I think you might get more responses to this in the Windows XP section.

I have had similar problems to this before with Microsoft Outlook still running while trying to shut down. I would suggest doing a ctrl, alt, del and see which programs are still running in the processes or applications. If you notice something that you closed before but is still running you may have a problem. I would suggest reinstalling the program that is hanging and that usually clears it up.
Guess what? I did a deep scan of the registry and found 168 errors! Anyway they are fixed (format is always last resort), I thought as per 1 reply about something hanging... anyway it came to me in the middle of the night that the webcam on the laptop lid is always on.

I uninstalled the webcam program (just take a pic etc) but left the drivers... it shuts off now no hassles! I did a one by one step of removing programs that I thought would still run as I cannot read what is running in regards to the processors.

Thanks guys, I have this site bookmarked as it has been tremendous what I have read in here so far. I already have found some good tips and tweaks.:pray: NOWWWWWWWWWWWWW on to read about SP3! See what the fuss is about:4-dontkno
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