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Xp Visual C&basic access violation errors? Nero/corel/autocad, e.t.c.

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Hello. :4-dontkno

First some history.

For some time now i have and have noticed several help requests on-line about this problem. There does not seem to be a solution, and i contacted Corel & MS... big surprise , no help there.

Seems to have started after SP2(updated revision).

Effects Corel , Autocad, Nero (ahead), and a few other Visual C++ and VB based software.

In 98+% of the cases an " Access violation " in MFC71U.DLL .

One can go back to an older XP with the basic (redist) SP2 and this error does not occur.

Error triggered by " open file ", "export", Corel Photo Paint, Draw, Nero open/burn iso, e.t.c.

Files involved Nero.exe, CDRFLT.DLL, CORELPP.exe CORELDRAW.exe, and many more, includind ntdll.dll and kernel.dll .

Debugger shows th access violation but not the offending file or any mention of what other program could be using it at the same time and yes i deleted every single mfc71u file form the system and had windows re-install it.

Fixes tried:

Fresh install on XP. Therefore no other prgs are installed.

Dial A fix (complete dll relinking included).

re-installing all V C++ adn VB runtime files (this is the error that C.A.R.M claims as being the problem).

Reg cleaned.

Disabled windows security.

Task monitor disabled many functions.

Hijack this (fruitless attempt as there is no internet as yet).

Tried several AV and malware (removed afterwards) prgs.

Disabled windows File protection.

Looked for any secondary updates in add/remove prgs (none).

Would any one like to take a crack at this bug please?


P.S> The CARM error report calims error on all subsiquent Visual C++ and Visual Basic DLL files. This is what is blocking my debugger from telling me which prg/dll is looping.

It should also be noted that in Corel or autocad even with CARM deactivated that the " open and close" files buttons as well as file type windows are all scrambled and pasted all over the screen, far from where they are ment to be.

I hope this is enough detail.
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