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XP user account corrupted, Outlook express folders now missing

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For some reason my XP user account has been corrupted. I was able to fix it by following some step-by-step instructions online (system restore wont work). everythings good now except my outlook express lost all information like the inbox, sent items, address book etc. All these correspendence are tremendously important since it is used for business and i have no backup for them (pretty stupid, i know)
There hasnt been any data loss (as far as i can tell), all files are intact so i assume that the communications are still somewhere in the disk. Any help on how to recover my folders would be GREATLY GREATLY GREATLY appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
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I would imagine they are not lost, just in a different user profile now.

Search your hard drive for *.DBX files, these are your OE folders.

Once you find them, you should be able to re-import into current OE.
first off, thanks for the response.
I tried that. it seems that the old dbx files were replaced when i reconfigured outlook express and sent myself a test message. when i restore these dbx files i only managed to restore the ones AFTER my user account problems (with 1 message in my inbox which i sent to myself) and not the original dbx files where all the correspondence are. is it possible that the original dbx files were replaced with the more recent ones after i reconfigured OE and sent myself a message?

if all else fails, how do i get system restore to work? i tried restoring to several restore points to no avail.

thanks again
Ahhh.....not good, huh? Welp then, using some form of data recovery software would be my next step......GetDataBack is an app I have better than average luck using.
My account was corrupted, and all my files, settings, pictures, and MP3's were deleted. Can you tell me the step by step process you followed to get all your data back?

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