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XP services list issue

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In the Services list, under Admin Tools, it shows a number of Symantec services listed (4 or 5) however they don't actually exist.

To try to clear them out I have.

Orginally uninstalled the program.
Removed it's program files folders
Tried to use the delete functioni under "Options" in the Services window but it is grayed out.
Removed every symantec item found in the registry.
Removed every Symatec file that I could find.

They are still there laughing at me.

Anyone know how I can get them removed from the list I sure would be glad to hear it.
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I recently took care of this myself. I had three entries that wouldn't go away. (4-5 seems like alot, however.. I'd make sure the locations point to the ex-Symantec folder if you haven't already.) Here's what I did to get rid of them.

*Uninstalled Symantec programs via Add/Remove
*Ran the removal program from Symantec's website
*Manually deleted Symantec folder
*Opened up services - stopped and disabled
*Regedit: MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services
Clicked on the first service to bring up information in the right panel, then used arrow key to scroll through entries to delete keys by location rather than name (because it didn't always match the one in Services)
*Restarted computer

And presto.. all gone! :grin:
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