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XP Repair, Cannot copy i386 files

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Hi Guys,

My hd half died yesterday and i had to do a chkdsk to get my data back. After that it bluescreened on startup so I tried a repair installation.

During the installation I get the following message:

"Setup cannot copy the file ntevt.dl_.

Ensure the disk labeled W XP Home Edition SP2 is in the drive...bla bla
provide the location where it can be found"
and a prompt to select the file.

For about 20 files all in the i386 folder. These are on the cd in the right place but when i try to select them it says that ^^^. I've tried copying the files to my c: and going from there but no luck.

I have also tried selecting the files that are still in my c:\i386 folder (presumably from my original xp installation) these are accepted (i get a message saying the file already exists and is newer, overwrite?) but the computer restarts after a while and goes back to the start of the installation again.

Thanks, Leigh

p.s. just before the i386 files the message comes up asking for a graphics driver but i assume this is neglegable
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Either your HDD is corrupt, your RAM, your CD drive or your burned CD.

Download, burn ISO image files onto separate CD's and run at boot by pressing F8 repeatedly on computer restart and then choosing to boot from the CD-ROM using arrow keys, hit enter.

First, check your RAM: Memtest86
Next check your HDD by d/l one thats for its make/model: HDD Diagnostic Tools

Let us know what happens with that :smile:
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