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XP randomly crashing

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AGGG! I just bought a new pc from my sister. She has barely used it and not installed anything on it. It already had XP on it so I deleted her old documents etc and then continued to install a couple of progams, music etc. After a while when just looking through directorys it crashed. This started happening frequently then after a while I would startup and XP would hang without me even doing anything! Provided with the PC was a 'reload' cd which would return the PC to 'out-of-factory' condition. I ran this and it got back to basic. I decided this time not to install anything or put anything on the hd to see what happened. Unfortunetly this problem keeps ocurring! I'm OK browsing the web etc just not when I do anything else!!
Its a anthon xp1600 1.4ghz 256 Ram.


Primary master: Hard Drive
Primary slave: none
Secondry master: CDrw
2nd slv: DVD

Not sure if this ^ has anything to do with it but anything would be a help!! I wouldnt mind formatting the drive but not 100% sure how because I cant find how to create a startup disk which would let me format the C: drive.

Any advice welcome!!
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First off, I'd attempt to eliminate hardware as a source of the problems before spending a lot of time reinstalling. Have you opened it up, reseated all the cables, cards, memory, and the like? Have you checked to see that the processor fan is running, and the heatsink is properly attached? If it has a system monitor utility, check the operating temperatures of the processor and see if it's in the 40's idling, any more and that's a potential problem.
Hey John is it a possibility that a system file such as a .dll or something was removed when the sisters files were removed? Just wondering this is one of my weak points.
Hey- thanks for the replies. I have had it open and all seems well. I don't have a monitor utility so can't check that. :confused:

Drupy - pretty sure I didn't delete anything I shouldn't have. It was only 5 files or so anyway! All word documents. Because there is nothing specific setting it off its hard to check what may be causing it. Would you recommend disconnecting individual hardware devices and test the system to identify the problem?
Would it be nothing to do with the primary & secondary setup?


*UPDATE* Just discovered it hangs EVERY time I goto C:\Documents & Settings also everytime a program requires a file in here it says it cannot be found.
Not sure then what this means but don't think its very good!
XP logs in then out

This has to do with spyware.
Nothing to do with the hardware. Although you think so.
I haven't solved it yet.
But the computer was having trouble with spyware huntbar.stoolbar
I ran adaware 1.05 on it Adaware asked to reboot the machine and it never came back. Now it only logs in then out.
The computer user took his unfinished computer and left .
So if anyone knows what to do ...Help?

Try the following link

If your hard is ntfs its a little harder to make out files...but if you only want to format this site will give you the files needed.... but easier way is find someone using win 98 and create a boot disk. How? well if you go to add/remove programs it will give you option to create boot disk.
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