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XP Pro Sp2 Setup ?

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It's been a while since I've setup xp and I'm building a system for gaming and wanted to know if I need to know anything special that needs to be done before I install xp pro sp2.
I have installed 2 WD Raptor 74GB SATA HDDrives setup for RAID0 which I will use the WD utility prior to OS installation.
Have a wireless network and will use my system for business as well as gaming.

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Shouldn't be any major problems.
Make sure you BIOS is setup for your hardware.
Follow the instuctions for your motherboard to make a floppy disk with
the sata drivers,as you will need to press F6 during windows setup
and load them.
If you are using an earlier version of windows XP with a service pack 2
update CD,you might consider doing this....
Slipstreaming Windows XP Service Pack 2 and Create Bootable CD
To streamline the process.
Make sure you have all the driver CD's and install the motherboard drivers
first after the windows install.
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OK, I am new to RAID0, so every time I boot, I will need the floppy with the RAID drivers in order to boot properly and have to push F6? If so what if a power failure occurs? I have an MSI P4n Diamond Mobo that came with RAID floppys.
Watch the bottom of the screen when you start installing Windows XP.
It will say,to load third party SCSI or Raid drivers press F6.
Press F6 at that point,and when windows is ready,it will ask for the floppy
This will install the drivers with windows
After the install,install your motherboard drivers from the CD.
You only need the floppy this one time.
Windows will start normally after that.

Make sure the SATA raid is enabled in the BIOS.
After it is,you should get a SATA Raid setup screen as the computer starts up.
Follow the instructions to enter the configuration,and setup your raid
before you install windows.
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