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XP Pro Or 2000Pro?

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:grin: :grin: :cool: hey everyone!

im just need to find out which is better because i am buying a laptop online. 3.2ghz 2gbram nice graphics 2x 100gb hd. and it has choice win 2000 pro and win xp pro...

i loooked up and it said there pref the same cept xp proh has dif looks, and i like 2000pro looks.

please could u advise me! :smile: :tongue: :sayyes: -razz:
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Both based on the same technology. Xp looks fancier and a little faster I believe. If i had to chose I would go with the newer version XP :)
ok thansk.
I use both, and used to prefer 2kpro..but after using XP for about a year now, I must say I prefer is probably a tad slower because of so many processes running, but with modern cpus this is not a big issue
Also, MS has gradually started phasing out updates for Windows 2000, so you will be more vunerable to security holes. Go with XP.

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