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xp pro install freezes

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Hi was wondering if you could help.

installing a new hard drive and getting rid of my old one
Basicly took out the old hard drive and put in the new one, then put the xp pro disc in and switch on
but when it gets to the press enter to install xp, press c to partition etc
and it freezes

Thanks for any help


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Hi, Regarding your problem, Try to clean your RAM memory with an eraser..clean the copper connector and wipe it with a dry cloth.. Then try to restart your installation.. The other way is try to check the hard disk jumper! It is located beside the power connector of the hardisk.. post more info regarding your problem.. or you can pm me at YM...(***removed email***)
Cleaning contacts with an eraser is a very bad practice. The gold flash is only about 20 microns thick and can easily be sanded off with the eraser. If you get down to the copper, the connection to the sock will be VERY unreliable, and you've successfully ruined your memory module!

The only eraser I've ever used on them is a non-abrasive Mylar drafting eraser, which doesn't remove the gold flash.
hi cyberwrap sorry bout the later reply, are you still willing to help me?


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