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XP Pro has stopped seeing my Hard Drive

Laptop - Compaq 8710w
2.0GHz Intel Core2 Duo CPU
500GB drive WDC WD5000BEVT-2 SATA

Dual boot handled by GRUB

WinXP Pro SP2
SUSE 11.1

My machine has suddenly stopped seeing the hard drive in XP. Was using it all day in XP, no problems, shutdown, went home. On booting up, GRUB loads, passes off to XP and I get a blank screen.

Hitting the power button gets an immediate shutoff, so it's like none of the DOS/Win boot stuff loaded at all.

It boots fine into SUSE 11.1. Under Linux I can browse the file-system and can see all the windows files and related programs and their files and date. I can copy them and they're not corrupt.

I can run the disk diags in RBSU and I get no errors and no SMART errors.

If I boot the windows install CD, it says there is no hard drive installed in the machine.

What happened??

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