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XP Printer permissions

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I seem to have quite a difficult problem on my hands...

For the past two months, I have been unable to use my printer on my desktop computer. Here is some vital info:

Processor: P-II 400 Mhz
Memory: 256 Kb
Printer: Canon S300
Connection: USB
OS: Windows XP Pro

Ok, here's the problem:
Whenever I try doing anything with the printer, ie. print something, change its properties, remove it, an error message pops up saying "Printer cannot be removed. Access is denied." or "Printer properties cannot be displayed." or "You do not have permission to use the selected printer. If you need access, contact your network administrator."
Bear in mind that this is a HOME PC and I am the administrator. I tried logging in as every user I have on the system, including administrator, and the same problem comes up every time. However, I was able to delete the printer on my second PC to which the desktop computer is connected. However, the printer remained listed on the desktop PC. My only choice so far has been to hook the printer up to my other PC and use printer sharing. I want to be able to keep the printer with this computer rather than putting it elsewhere in the house.

Anyone have any suggestions?

btw: great forums you guys have got here :)
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You could try reinstalling the printer (This might be the easiest approach to take).
As far as security goes, although XP says you can access permissions by holding the Ctrl button down while clicking on printer properties (this should display a normally hidden Security tab), I have been unable to do it this way.
Try hitting F8 while the PC is booting. This will take you into safe mode. Here you will find the main Administrator account. Enter into it and find your printer. Right click and go to properties and you'll see the Security tab. That is where you can check and set permissions.

Good luck & let me know if this helps.
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