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xp os/ hibernation

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when i wake the pc from hibernation i get black screen with mouse arrow. Nothing works i can move the mouse but that's it, i have to hard boot it to make it come up again. This only started yesterday and doesn't happen all the time when i wake up the pc from hibernation.

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What service pack are you running?

Make sure that all your Windows updates are up to date.

**Please note: You will need a Windows XP CD for this exercise**

Insert a Windows XP CD into your CD/DVD drive.
Restart your computer.
It should now be booting off your Windows XP disc.
If it doesn't boot off the CD. Follow the steps below:

Change boot order in BIOS
  • When your computer is starting up tap the Del key and until you enter the Bios, when in Bios click on Boot order and change it to :
    • CD/DVD
    • Hard Drive (HDD)
    • Floppy
  • Then save and exit Bios (Your computer should now be restarting)

While it is booting off the disk you should get a prompt to Press R to enter recovery Console, Press R.

Press 1 to log onto Windows then press Enter. You will need the administrative password to get into to command prompt. If the administrator password was blank press enter.

Type into the command prompt : chkdsk /r and press Enter. When the Disc Check is complete type in Exit and press enter. Remove the Windows XP CD.

Windows should start up normally now.

Please post back with any concerns or problems.
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i have sp3 and comp is upto date with updates. I ran checkdisk. the computer still sometimes shows a black screen and takes 10-15 seconds to come up to the desktop after i choose a user. The black screen before use to come up as soon as it woke up from hibernation and did not even allow to choose a user.
I read the link you provided but i don't understand what they are talking about. Today another thing happened when i clicked on my screen name to select it nothing happened, computer would just refresh and end up on the screen name selection screen again and again. so i hit the restart button on the bottom of the screen, the computer shutdown and did not restart so I pressed the power button on the tower, the computer started and then said saving your settings and then did a restart, this time computer did come up right and everything was normal.
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