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I have an interesting networking issue that I need a fix for. I have Xp running with a wireless network from my neighbour and also on the wired house network (wires network is built into the house). I use the wireless only for the internet. With the wired network I have a networkable BU drive connected. All the wired cables run through a switch. Here is my dilema. When the wired network is enebled I CANNOT get a connection to the internet. I would like to find a way that I can have both networks enabled so that I can do BU's at anytime and still be able to surf the web.

Things I have tried:
- I have tried network bridging. This gave me the abillity to surf the web while the wired network was eneblaed but I could not access my BU drive.
- I have tried changing the metrics of the wired and the wireless networks but the origional problem remained.

If anyone has anyother idea's or needs clarification on the situation please let me know. I'd be glad to offer as much info as is needed to solve this problem.

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Hi adgoulet,

Are both devices on DHCP? If so then they will most definitely fight!

The device (wireless in your case) that needs the internet will need to have DHCP enabled or alternatively the IP and gateway must be set correctly and statically. Because the wired network is not used for the internet it does not need to have a default gateway specified.

Here are a few things you can try (sorry if it is long winded but i dont know your level of skill)

** Note that when i say "command" you should type it without quotes.

Try this first:

1. Rightclick "My Network Places" > Properties
2. Double click on your wired connection and then go to "Support" tab.
3. Write down the IP Address and Subnet Mask.
4. Close that window.

The IP that you wrote down will either start with something like 192.168.*.* or 10.*.*.* and the subnet will probably either be or

Now do the following

1. Still in network connections, right click on the wired device and click Properties.
2. Scroll to the bottom of the list and double click on "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)".
3. Select "Use the following IP address:"
4. Type in the IP address and Subnet mask that you wrote down. The DNS details can be blank because there is no internet on this connection.
5. Click OK and OK again.
6. If you double click on your wired connection and then go to "Support" tab you should see the IP and subnet you just specified. The gateway however should be nothing!

You should now be able to connect to any wired devices but also to the internet.

The problem is that when you have two network connections only one of them can actually be connected to a gateway because otherwise windows will just choose one of them. Your wired network probably has a DHCP server which is giving out IPs and also a gateway. The wireless connection is probably doing the same thing. Therefore at least one of them needs to be static and without a gateway. Because the internet is on the wireless connection that is the one that needs the gateway.

Anyway, see how you go. It might take you a while to nut it all out!

Just beware however that because you set an IP address to static, the DHCP issuing device (whatever that might be) might have issues with conflicting IP addresses if there are too many devices...

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I'm going to close this one, sharing Internet access with your neighbor is against the terms of service for your ISP. We don't assist with such issues here.
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