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XP/McAFEE help

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Hello, I have buddy with a Dell 6000 laptop. He is having a few problems, but is completely computer illiterate so he asked me to help. He has XP and Mcafee (trial version)

Problem 1: When the comp boots on it always gets a message "could not access local server"

Problem 2: When computer boots on a message "VsTskMgr.exe has encoutered a problem and must close." I know this is a Mcafee process, but it doesn't appear in a Windows or Windows32 file.

Problem 3: When outlook is opened an error message pops up saying "The add-in “c:\progra~1\\vso\outscan.dll” could not be installed or loaded. This problem may be resolved by using Detect and Repair on the Help menu."

He has not tried the Detect and Repair function yet. Thank you in advance.
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:4-gun:I have not run McAfee stuff for a long time but the last time I did it left a real bad taste. Ever since then I avoid their anti virus like the plague. If I had to chose between McAfee or a virus I would chose the virus.

In my runins with McAfee it did not help to uninstall it so I had to do a clean install. Maybe things have changed so try uninstalling it. If that does'nt fix it then try rolling the XP back to before McAfee was installed.
Wipe it off. Download and install AVG free version Antivirus from grisoft and activate windows firewall or/and download free version of zone alarm firewall. All free %100 better then mcafee joke.

:4-gun: If I had to chose between McAfee or a virus I would chose the virus.
ahahah thats what i said today after messing with mcafee and also added : they should arrest the guys who wrote this program. I would prefer the virus too. It deletes my hijackthis from my usb flash driver wth ? !
I'd choose a virus as well, safer that way. Anyhow.. if u remove it use safe mode, cross ur fingers and back up stuff before hand! :D
purplesky is right on this one. AVG is really good and its free. AVG is much better than mcafee and norton. AVG detects more viruses than norton and mcafee and plus, it doesnt take alot of system resources just like norton and mcafee.

uninstall mcafee and download AVG from
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