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Here is the setup of the computer:

MSI K8n Neo4 Platnium
AMD Athlon 64bit 3200
(4) 512mb PC3200 Ram
(2) WD 76Gb Raptors (SATA)
XP Pro (OEM with all updates run and SP2 installed. Fresh install on clean drives as of 9-25-05)

Video card I want to work: ATI AIW X600 Pro

At first boot, I couldn't get any anything on the monitor. I would get weird beeps from the BIOS. MSI has a diagnostic USB insert card that plugs into MOBO and is screwed into an empty slot. It has 4 LED that light up Green or Red. After beeps, it scrolls through the LED steps and goes to boot.

Installed OS with an Extra ATI OCI 9200 I had laying around. Got system updated to SP2 and all updates run. Powered down. put PXI-x card in. System detected it and installed drivers. Said it needed to re-boot. When I re-booted, I plugged monitor into PCI-x 15 pin output and screen worked.

I went to the ATI site and downloaded the new Multimedia Center 9-08-mmc, 9-08-uci, and aticdwiz. Installed them all and it asked to reboot.

Now I'm back to it not detecting tha PCI-x card again. I put thePCI 9200 back in and it booted to that fine. I pulled the X600, powered up and checked device manager. Only the 9200 was there (which is correct cuz the x600 was pulled).

Powered down put the x600 in and turned it on. Do detection of the x600 at all.

What do I do now?
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