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XP install - registry has been wiped!

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Hi all,

I've just installed Windows XP in place of ME. Unfortunately XP doesn't seem to be acknowledging any of the programs that I had installed on my computer beforehand - which means my sound card doesn't work, my games don't work, and also - because it doesn't pick up the fact that they are installed, I can't uninstall them!

Deleting seems like a bad idea, is there a way that I can just play with the registry to get all my software back?

Many thanks in advance

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Hi David...

did you choose to change the file system to NTFS when you upgraded? ME does not support NTFS. Also, did you run the upgrade advisor before starting the procedure as that would highlight any drivers which would need replacing for your hardware as ME and XP are built on two different technologies (16bit and 32bit).

In many cases, it's best to install XP as a fresh installation...that way you can be sure if being able to install all the hardware as it's detected by XP.

Hope that helps :)
Hi Nick,

I did change the file system to NTFS, from FAT32 or something. I didn't run an upgrade advisor, I didn't actually realise that such things existed!

So should I go back and remove XP and ME, and start all over again?
That's what I would do. Just do a fresh install of XP. There are all sorts of wierd things that happen when upgrading. Much less of a headache if you start fresh. Things will run much much faster too.


Ok, I went to try this but I have a slight problem - I can't uninstall ME or XP, as neither are appearing in my add/remove programs list. All I have in there at the moment is Football Manager, which I installed last night to see if anything was working!

Any more ideas?
You won't be able to remove them in Add/Remove programs, you will need to format and reinstall Windows XP as a fresh installation.

First, back up all the documents you wish to keep which are on that partition i.e: personal files, photos, emails, etc. When you're satisfied you have everything you need backed up to another partition, you can then start the process to install XP.

You can use this website as a guide's very detailed with excellent screenshots
Ok, I went to try this but I have a slight problem - I can't uninstall ME or XP, as neither are appearing in my add/remove programs list.
That wont work like that. You need to format the drive, which will wipe everything off the hard drive including ME, and install a fresh copy of XP.

Change the boot sequence in the BIOS to boot to the cd-drive first. You can enter the BIOS by tapping F2 or Del which ever your system uses. Do you see a screen when the computer is booting to hit a key to enter Setup? You would want to press that key. Some even flash the message that the CD has been auto-detected, followed by the “Press any key to boot CD” message.

If you dont see this messege you will need to change the boot sequence to cd rom as first device in the BIOS.
Once you do this, place the Windows XP cd in the cd drive and reboot the system. You will then need to follow the prompts.


Files will start to load from the CD to begin the installation. Eventually you’ll be asked if you want to install Windows XP. No need to type an essay here on why you’ve made the decision to do the installation. Just hit Enter.

Next is the End User License Agreement or EULA which must be accepted to continue installation. Press F8 to accept, F3 to bail out now. You can read the EULA if you want, but it adds two days to the installation time.

The next screen displays the available partitions where XP can be installed. Select the one you want and tap that Enter key again to move on to the screen where you select a file system.

It’s time for that important decision. FAT32 versus NTFS. The preferred choice is NTFS. It allows security features and stability that aren’t possible with FAT32. Apply the knowledge you gained during the preparation phase at this point. Make your choice of formatting options and press the F key to start the process. Once the format process completes the installation will continue.

If you are installing from a full version Windows XP CD the installation continues without intervention. If you’re using an upgrade version CD this is where Microsoft confirms your eligibility by requesting the media that allows you to use the upgrade version. Insert your media in the drive, let the verification complete and reinsert the XP CD when prompted.

Setup continues and eventually the computer will reboot. Watch the onscreen prompts but do not press a key when the “Press any key to boot CD” message appears.

Installation will continue, prompting you from time to time to supply some additional setup information. Feed the prompts with appropriate responses and eventually another reboot will occur, this time bringing you back into Windows XP, depositing you at the Windows Activation screen.

You can either activate your copy of XP now or delay the activation for up to 30 days and suffer the periodic activation reminders. I suggest you activate now and register at the same time. It’s really painless. In any case, activation is required at some point or after 30 days you’ll be denied access to the desktop. Registration is entirely optional.

The last step is to enter a username and watch the XP desktop appear, ready for use.

One more question, are you using an upgrade version of XP verses a Retail version?
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Great, thanks a lot for the quick responses, I'll give it a whirl tomorrow morning.
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