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XP install help !!!

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hey. i was installing my xp media center and it was all going good till i got to the user agreement part. i couldnt see the whole screen b/c i was doing it on my Samsung lcd tv, so i pressed Esc to shut it all down. i unhooked the lcd tv and put my computer monitor in and statred all over. when i went to start up i got up to the part were my Asus logo comes ( and were i can enter bios) but after that the screen turns black with a flashing light in the upeer left hand side of the screen. so this is were i am stuck. i have installed XP on other computers and have never came across this. so if any one can help me that would be awesome.

System is a custom built pc
sli 7600gt
bfg physx card
crossair ddr2 800 ram 2gb
hitachi 120gb sata hdd
asus M.B.
AMD 4600+ AM2 cpu
lite on dvd burner
areocool case and a but load of cooling fans.
630 power supply
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try booting off the CD again, if it doesn't do it automatically, then your HD is probably listed before the CD drive in the bios boot order. SO try going into the BIOS, and change the boot order. What is probably happening, is some thing got written to the HD in the install, and now that some thing is there it is trying to boot it. Rather than seeing nothing and skipping to the CD like normal
yeah i tryed that. thats oneof the first things i did. didnt do any thing. : (
hmm, well thats not good, have you tried to isolate if you HD controller is bad or not, as in try booting off of/ installing to a external HD USB and the like, and removing your internal drive for the bios boot list?

You can't boot Windows from USB unless you alter the way Windows handles USB ports and devices. Otherwise, you'll generate a BSOD every single time. Chances are, if he knew how to do this, he'd be able to determine and fix his own problem.



hey guys i fixed it. turns out b/c a small part of windows got installed it messed every thing up. so im getting a reformat program and putting it onto a floppy disk that has a optoin to boot from cd after i booted from the floppy. thanks for your help ^_^
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