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XP House Cleaning?

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A friend of mine just bought a laptop from a friend who just graduated college... she had xp home (but I'm also curious about pro - for me)... she didn't get the CD w/ the computer, and it's rather slow... decent equipment though... what files/folders can I clean up to releave some stress from the computer? I know about ...temporary Internet Files\Content.ie5, prefetch, cookies, history, and recent documents... what else do you guys know of?
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System restore points also take up space, besides that defrag after the cleanup. In fact heres a nice article on cleaning up to make more space.
Start>Run>"msconfig" w/o quotes.

Go to Startup Tab. Uncheck any unessencial programs, such as ITunes, AIM, Yahoo, Windows Messenger, etc. This should increase boot up speed.

hi viperos,

to clean alot of the junk on the computer i recommend download "ccleaner" from its a good optimization program that gets rid of all of the stuff youve mentioned and more.

also to protect your friend from spyware, tell her to download good spyware programs such as spybot, adware SE edition, and spyblaster. a really good anti-virus program includes AVG which really works great.

to further protect her computer intruders, spyware, and more i recommend download zonealarm firewall which is a good software firewall. you can download all of these programs on the site i gave you.
I would also suggest that you download CleanUp
This deletes all the files in your temp folder. Please remove any items from the temp folder if you wish to keep them.
I hope no one takes this as a person attack, or anything like that... but Zone Alarm Sucks! it completely controls all aspects of the connectivity of windows, but also prohibits things like LAN parties, and crap like that, even if it's turned off, or deleted, it remains... (had some very bad experiences w/ that program.)

-to those who're interested, I like Kerio PF... very good program, and easy to use. oh, I also love spybot.

-btw, thanks for the great sites, I'm working on her computer this weekend, i expect good things.
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