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XP Home Freezes

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Hi, i wonder if you could help me, i've already re-installed my system twice, but to use, in rare occasions my pc just freezes without any warnings. Is there any way i could find out what's causing it.

Here are my specs:

Pentium 4 LGA 775 3.20GHz
ASUS P5B - Motherboard
80GB HDD (x2)
250GB HDD (x2)
Nvidia GeForce 7600 GT 256 MB DDR
24Bit Sound Blaster Live!
DVD-RW Philips
Windows XP Home + Sp2
650watts PSU
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Hi, thanks for the quick reply. In response to your first question, i've checked my device manager and no yellow alerts have been detected. (PS. 1 of the Installation was done in a new HDD and the 2nd was just reformatted)

In terms of scans, i will carry out a full system scan on my PC, first thing tomorrow morning, i will be using Panda Titanium 2006 Antivirus + AntiSpyware (v5.03.00), also i'll have a look on the link which you have supplied tomorrow.

This freezing problem occurs when you least expected it, once whilst i was watching a DVD, another time i had my internet explorer open and had Marca's Result Page open.

Also i had installed an application to check my system CPU Temperature and the maximum result has been 45ºC and minimum around 36ºC, it depends.

I will also carry out the memtest, tomorrow. Also i'm not sure if this help's but i had a look in Event Viewer > System and found error icon, with the time stamp (around) when the PC had freeze. It seems it had a problem with my Fujitsu USB ADSL Modem. Not sure if this has anything to do with, but thought it might help.

And Thanks again for your reply.
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Hi,i'll have a read from the link you supplied.

When you say followed up the Event Viewer ID Report, i think i have cause once i read the error message there a link and it also ask me if i wanted to send the information.

Well last night i had cleared my event viewer just to confirm, if the computer freezes at the same time when i get this error. But from checking my previous result the only erro i've been getting has been with the Fujitsu ADSL Modem.

In terms of installing to new programs, just my basics applications and all windows Updates, once i had the PC up and runnning after a full new windows installation. So really I can't say. Coz Once windows was installed, i installed my anitvirus, setup my intrernet connection, completed all necesary updates, and then started to install all my necessary software application, i.e. microsoft office, Nero, winzip, winrar, etc

As in my previous post i had carried ou ta full system Scan, ll my drives were clean except for Drive D which had a Virus. My Memory was clean and no other infection was found. The virus was disinfected and it was a 'Generic Trojan'
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My firewall is controlled by Panda Titanium 2006 Antivirus + AntiSpyware (v5.03.00), not Microsoft Firewall.

AV's is suppose you are saying AnitVirus, if that's the case i only have 1.

I've read the link and i've unchecked "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power". I'll leave the PC on tonight and see if it freezes.

Thanks again for the help.
Hi, I left the PC on Last night and it seems it has been working fine, i'll see if during the course of the week, the PC freezes, if it does, i'll quickly post it and also i'll check the event viewer for the error.
Hi it's me again, it froze again. I do not know why, but it's a bit annoying now. I checked event viewer for errors, between the time it froze but no errors could be found, did the virus scan again, it was clean.

What could be causing this??
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