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XP Hardware Auto Install PROBLEMS!!!

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I bought a TV Capture card that was installed but the sound didn't work, so I bought a different TV Capture card. Now the Windows XP PNP auto install keeps installing the drivers for the old card thinking that's what's in my computer and won't let me install the correct drivers.

I have installed the card by itself - with the 1st card installed - in different PCI slots - everything I can think of.

Nothing works. How can I remove from XP's memory that I had a previous card installed - I want to remove the drivers it has downloaded to auto install - I want to remove EVERYTHING about the previous card.

How can I do this so my new card will install correctly?

-Confused as hell - Nathan
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Nathan, welcome
I would suggest first that you remove the original card and then try the new one. If you want to remove drivers from the old one, do this : right click on my computer, select properties, select hardware tab, click on device manager. On that list you will have to find sound, video and game controllers. Ones that you want to remove should be in that list. What you can do is select it and click remove or just hit delete button...then you can go ahead and install your new one. Did sound didnt work at all or just when you play someithng in your CDROM ?

You should also select View Hidden Devices in device manager when you're doing the process, so you see stuff that isn't currently active.
I too am having this problem.

I formerly had an ATI TV Wonder PCI card installed, which worked about 25% of the time. I junked it, cleaned out EVERYTHING I could involving ATI in the registry, and even installed a fresh XP SP1 copy. I also cleaned out any ATI drivers both expanded and not that were in the xppro copy on my drives. Now when I plug in the K-World TV878RF-PRO it detects as an ATI TV Wonder, complete with Exclamation point "Device cannot start" The only other cards I have are a D-link DWL-500 Cardbus controller that holds my wireless card and my GeForce 4 AGP card. Anyone had this problem, or know of a way to force this ATI crapware out of my system? I can't test it with my other computer, because it's presently serving duty as Kelputer in the trunk of my 2002 Spyder... and if I screw THAT up, no mobile dvd!


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