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Ok my pc was running fine till (i think) i got my new tv tuner card. It's a mercury one and the softwares provided by the manufacturer doesnt work, so i used a third party software to get it working. Anyways i noticed dis strange problem starting to happen. Whenever i rebooted, right when xp is pc would go into permanent sleep. The hard disk light remains on and nothing i do would wake it up...wats more i cant even shut it down when i press the power switch...i have to either unplug it out or use the switch on the psu to turn it off...the only way round dis is if i move my mouse when i see 'entering sleep state' on my monitor or press any key...but now it has become it locks up when im in xp n operating my pc...without any warning it will go to a permanent sleep and theres nothing i can do except restart. Anyways i have figured out that if i leave my tv program running or any cpu consuming program running it doesnt lock up..but like if im only surfing the could lock up anytime. I've figured how to get around it..but as long as this problem is there...u know..

Ok now..first i thought it's cuz of my new vid card..i bought dat b4 my tv card..but i thought it's cuz of i removed it n inserted my old vid card but the same problem was there. Next i thought it's cuz of over heating...but dat also was sloved when i opened up my pc and checked the cpu fan, which was working fine and even removed my cpu and felt it..

I've installed different copies of Windows xp, actually now i have two copies of xp on my pc and the same problem is there on the other xp. I checked for viruses but still no luck. If my new tv card is responsible for this..then why doesn't it lock up when im watchin the fact is i have no idea wat's causing this problem.

My pc specs:
1.5 Ghz processor
512 Mb ram
40 Gb Hdd
Direct x 9.0b
128 Mb Ati Radeon 9000 Pro
Mercury Tv Tuner Card
Main OS: Windows XP Volume Lisence 2002 SP1
Next OS: Windows XP Media Center Edition SP1
my pc is fully up to date with all the latest drivers.

~sorry for a long msg but i had to give full details. Plz advise
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