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XP get alive when phone rings !

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I have XP pro.

I turn off the computer but when the phone rings it comes alive!
It's very annoying....
What can I do ? (sorry for my rather bad english)

Thanks !
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Welcome to the board,

ok..are you sure your turning the system off and not putting it into standby..

Check this: go into Start > Control Panel > Phone & Modem Options > Modems Tab > Select your modem, click on properties > Select the Power Management tab:

Make sure the box labeled "Allow this device to bring the computer out of standby" is not checked.

If it is uncheck it click ok, and you'll be fine.

But why your system is going to standby when you select Shutdown would still be a problem...but one at a time let me know if the above info fixes the first problem before we move to problem 2. :D
Look in your BIOS. There may be a setting for wake on lan/ring.

BTW, Welcome to the TSF!

Thank you both :)

the box labeled "Allow this device to bring the computer out of standby" IS checked as fas as I remember...

I have to say that i'm not in front of that computer actually.
I'm with my old Pentium -Win 95 actually, (and very happy with it-hehe)

On gigabite motherboard, is it the "DEL" while booting to access the BIOS ? like in the old time ?

Let see what's next...

Thanks again
no problem, let us know how it turns out. :D
I forgot...

The only time when it doesn't do that is when I really turn off the computer : On-Off switch BEHIND the computer, so I'm not a gymnast and don't like to make a split and three loops just to turn off the computer under my too little desk :)

The front switch don't do the job , rings wake it up ...
I usually use the "start-...." to close the computer
Isn't suppose to be enough ?

Sorry !

modem is NOT allowed to put the computer out of standby
Put it on my tired brain and my bad english...:-(
Do you know the model number of your motherboard.
Have you looked under the bios under power management for the startup option through the modem? DEL is the most common key, but here are some other keys.
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