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Strange one this... 2 problems that might be linked.

When running either 2 LCD or 1 CRT & 1 LCD in Dual head mode my system
keeps freezing up or running VERY slowly intermittently. However when a
single screen is connected everything is (well was) fine. Just this
week the system has started freezing & then restarted giving me a
Windows error code as usual. The lock & restart again seem to be

I am running the following

AMD64 4000+ 939
MSI Neo Platinum Pro MB (nForce 4 chipset)
2Gb DDR400 RAM
Leadtek PCIe 6600GT
4x 250Gb SATA HDD
1x 250Gb PATA HDD
1x LiteOn DVD DL
1x LiteOn DVD ROM
Thermaltake 380W PSU
Chenbro Gaming Bomb Case

I am thinking 2 possible causes...

1 - Heat (Although I feel I have ample cooling)

2 - PSU (Is a 380W TT ample for this rig?)

One of my main uses for this baby is serious work with Photoshop &
thats seems to be where the freezing occurs the most!

I am losing major time & dollars with these issues... Any ideas would
be GREATLY appreciated!



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No expert here on this, but I would question your power supply with all the hardware you have runnng on that machine. 5 hard drives and 2 optical drives plus the video card seems a bit much for anything but the most robust power supply?

If you can get away with it, I would test this theory by unplugging some of your drives for a short period and see what happens?

Other folks here I am sure can offer more info on the power supply issue as well.

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