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XP does not see wireless card

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Hi, I cannot install a Netgear WG311 PCI adapter in a PC, the computer will not recognize the card and many times it will cause the PC to freeze. I installed the software first, thats according to the directions, and I also tried to install it with out the software and have XP detect it but the computer will not see it. It works fine in other PC’s.
My system:
Win XP
Pentium III 600MHz
192MB Ram
15GB HDD (GB free)

Any helpful ideas? Thanks.
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I double checked to see that it is seated properly and also tried a different a few different slots. but no success.
I did exactly as "dai" said

"remove the card and the drivers
install the drivers and reboot
shut the computer down and insert the card
then start the computer and see if it picks it up"

It still does not work :4-dontkno
Thanks for all your help.
Yes the Netgear card works great in other computers; also my motherboard is an MSI just like the some of the people in those forums who had problems. After reading all those forums I decided to just buy a Hawking wireless USB. No problems installing it, "USB has to work"
It works, but the reception is lousy compared to a PCI card with an adjustable antenna.
To the Juve fan from the windy city they are in 1st place, 6-0 (u probably already know that). Yes I did have SP2 installed.
Your links are very useful, that Everest is great.

To dai; Thanks for the info on the USB antennae, First chance I get I'm going to be returning my USB to try one of these.
Thanks again.
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