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XP desktop and Win 98 network

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:winkgrin: Have a Win XP pro and a Win 98 Laptop connected to a 3 Com gateway...running only TCP/IP. The desktop can see and browse the laptop but the laptop only sees the desktop. If i try to browse I get a "unable to browse network" I am thinking it is a right issue somewhere but it is a peer to peer workgroup and all users have admin rights on the XP box and there is nothing but a user on the 98 box...any ideas???
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Ok, eventhough I don't have XP, when I do that with 2k and 98 I have to set up a user account on the 2k box with the username and password I used on the 98 machine. You can give the user whatever rights you need to depending on what level of access you want the 98 box to have on the NT box.
Are the machines able to "ping" each others IP addresses?

When you access the XP machine it should still allow you to see the shares available on the XP box, then when you attempt access of a share prompt you for a User Name, and Password.

If it goes right to the unable to browse message that usually indicates a config error. Do the ping test and let me know. :)
Ping is fine......4 sent 0 lost
Tracert finds each machine in 1 hop
see both machines in both network neighboorhoods

from XP i can browes away
from 98 laptop I can browse the laptop but when i try to browse the XP desktop i get- unable to browse -unkown error 31

--think about it --someone had to write the words unkown error 31 -- is it diffrent from unkown error 30 and are there more then 31 unkown errors and if so then they arent unkow...they are known...ok another Doonz tangent:angry2:

I have a 3 com gateway with built in firewall....mabey I need to set up the IP of the laptop as a trusted in the firewall....but then why does the XP box work fine???
Hmm. Error 31 means A device attached to the system is not functioning.

But since you can browse from both machines I don't understand what is not working correctly. Ill keep looking for possible answers. :)
Thanks tech.....where did you find the infor for the unkown error??

No problem,

Believe it or not Microsoft puts out a list of all its "Unknown Errors", I don't know why they don't just say what the problem is on the screen, I mean "Unknown Error 31" = "A device attached to the system is not functioning" The window length wouldn't be that much longer?? Oh well... :) dont have your fire wall up on xp do you?
I tried it with the firewall on and off :confused:
Although Windows XP allows to logon
without passwords, it requires that passwords
are defined for users, when such users like to
connect via the network to shared resources
on the Windows XP system :
Trying to access from Windows95/98 to
Windows XP with matching usernames but
using blank ( = no ) passwords will result
on Windows95 to an "Unknown Error 31".

Solution : define on both systems a password
for this user or use on Windows XP the
Group-Policy Editor to allow network access
without passwords.
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