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XP dead after updates

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Hi, last night XP had downloaded a bunch of updates and it said that a restart is required. I restarted it, and now it won't start up. It says something like:
File Not Found: C:\Windows\system32\config
That's it, as best I can remember. It says to boot to the recovery console, which I did but I can't do anything from there...except I activated my backup clone and that's what I'm running right now, but I'd like to get the original installation going if possible.
Is there any way to revert from those updates?
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Hi kbalona :grin:

Well your registry is corrupted somehow.

Here's what to do:

A separate (maybe simpler for you) tutorial can be found here: HERE

You basically have to get into the Recovery Console and type those commands.

Let us know how it goes.
:grin: thanks. FYI, I checked the error message again and this is, verbatim, what it says:
Windows could not start because the following file is corrupted or missing:
What about the updates then, if I get XP running again, can I try re-installing the updates?
Yes. You should install them when restarting.

You don't have Norton do you?
Should be OK then,. Only Norton I've seen conflict and cause such errors.
Well I guess there's no hope for those methods because there are no restore points that I can revert to...luckily my backup clone was relatively recent, but I'm still gonna lose some settings, etc.
Shouldn't sfc fix this ?
Well if you can't bootup and you have don't have a system restore, the only other option is a reinstall I'm afraid.

With SFC in WinXP and Win2003; it will only replace the corrupt system file using a stored file in the System32\dllcache folder. If the file is not there it looks at the Catalog files (.cat), then tris to replace the file using the I386 folder. If the I386 folder is not found it looks and asks for the Windows CD.
With the corruption kbalona has encountered, thats too deep for this utility to fix.
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