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I just bought a new Dell Inspiron 530 with WinXP Home. Everything is working fine ACCEPT, every time I do a cold restart of my computer the Display setting return to 'Windows XP Style'. I keep setting it to 'Windows Classic Style' with a green background and green title bar is individual windows.

In addition, I have the sound set to 'No Sound' so all the beep and bells are shut off, that also reset itself to the default of endless annoying beep and whistles.

Things I've tried so far-

1) I tried creating my own display Theme called 'Green-1'. When the computer does a power-up Start, the Themes display still says 'Green-1' but the display has been reset to 'Win XP Style'. However, the Start Menu and the background color remain as I set them (classic and green respectively).

Note: A warm power-on Restart some will maintain the setting and sometimes will not. But, so far, a cold power-off Start resets to Default every time.

2.) In another forum, someone suggested a Registry change which can be found at -

Under the title -

"Windows XP doesn`t save User Settings"

which makes the following changes -

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00




"BagMRU Size"=dword:00001f40

"BagMRU Size"=dword:00001f40

This didn't help

3) I am using Zone Alarm Security Suite, I though it might be preventing changes to the system, so I closed Zone Alarm, and set my video the way I wanted it, and did a Restart. The changes stayed the first time, but when I did a cold power-off Start, they went back to the 'Win XP Style'.

4.) I shut down System Restore, and did a warm Restart, and the settings stayed as I set them. But when a did a power-off Start, they went back to defaults. Both Sound and Display.

As it is now, every time I boot my computer I have to go into the Display settings, select Themes, and even thought my 'Green-1' theme is shown as the default, I have to open the drop down menu, and select 'Green-1' again, and click 'Apply'.

Then I have to go to my Sound settings and select 'No Sound'.

My computer is usually on for several hours per day, so I only have to do this one or twice in a day, but it is still very annoying and troubling. Again, in all other respects, my computer is working fine.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what might be causing the problem????

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