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Hey everyone,

I haven't posted on here in years, but could use some help now with the system that this board helped me build.

It's an ECS K7S5A AMD Athlon 1.14 ghz processor, I had 512mb of RAM
OS= XP Pro 2002 SP 3.

I had this unit in storage for about 18 months and just began using it again about 5 months ago. Before I stored it, I had installed a larger seagate HD which subsequently failed. I had to reload windows, and ever since then, my performance has been quite slowed, and I get these very short intermittent hangs when typing, searching pages, or watching youtube videos...pretty much everything. I figured it was a memory issue and bought a 1gb stick of RAM, now giving me 1.5gb. I just read maybe 5 minutes ago that the board capacity was 1gb. That change really didn't speed a whole lot up, but it did make some difference, though not enough to prevent the little 'hiccups'.

I also have an issue where windows cannot find the drivers for the SM Bus or Ethernet adapter. I tried both the XP setup disc that I have as well as the disc that came with the mobo, to no avail.

I dowloaded the AMD driver update package and it said it couldn't find any AMD products! My system screen says the update package lies! (well not literally, but the two certainly aren't agreeing at the moment, as it clearly says AMD Athlon under the "Computer:" section of the general tab.

Could the two issues be related? I have nothing else showing up yellow in my device manager.

I've also modified my virtual memory paging file size to custom settings of 2302-3048mb.

I've also run spy/gray/mal ware cleaners just to make sure that wasn't the issue either.

How can I get those drivers, and what else can I test?

Many thanks

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