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Hello all…

I have another major problem and was hoping that someone would shed some light on this. I would have to say that I am an advanced 98SE user and XP is all new to me…

With this said, I messed up something huge….

I, like all other women, like pretty pictures on startup. I thought that changing the Windows XP boot screen would be as easy as it was in 98…

How wrong I was. Needless to say to all you XPers out there, I messed up the ntoskrnl.exe file. Yes, I did.

However, I did make a backup of it, but I didn’t back up boot.ini (what a sucker, I know). To be honest, I got ‘big headed’ and thought, “What could go wrong?”

So, I did some research and determined what the problem really is:
I replaced the ntoskrnl.exe file with the wrong release…
I believe now that I have Service Pack 1 (5.1.2600.116) and I replaced the file with a non-SP1 (5.1.2600.31) file.

So, I downloaded all 6 of the startup disks for XP (this is a feature that I think is not cool). I loaded and selected the recovery option. I was able to find my backup of the exe. However, I thought that I backed it up to c:\windows and it is really in:

Now, I thought it would be a simple copy… it will not allow me access to this directory to do the copy. So, I downloaded another boot screen (this time with the correct release) and replaced the bad one with this… still a no go.

Then, I expanded the cab file in i386 where a copy of the original exe is located. I replaced the old with this one and tried to start again… still no go.

Basically, I have tried everything that I could think of to remedy this situation… is there something that I am missing? I keep reading posts about the recovery and repair tools… is this what I am already using? Please note that I cannot boot to Windows, Safe Mode, or any other means… I have even tried the old SE boot disk and scanreg/restore… it claims that there are not files to restore from. Do I need to try and modify the boot.ini? If so, how?

Finally, this is a brand new machine… so new, I can only tell you what I paid for it and that it is a Sony Vaio. With this said, I do not have a regular XP disk, only the system restore disks that came with the system. I know that this is a last resort, which I don’t mind… I have all personal stuff backed up already.

This is a challenge however and I don’t want to quit yet… I was just getting this machine to ‘where I liked it’.

That is my sad story. I would appreciate any help that can be offered.
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