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xp activation

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I was wondering if there is a way that a pc can be reformatted with windows xp without having to activated within 30 days, as that's the message I keep getting after I reformatted my pc. Does windows stop working fter the 30 days if not activated?:4-dontkno
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after 30 days i believe windows will go into a limited mode of some sort or stops working. u can just activate it over the phone or the internet
it stops at the desktop until activated
But the problem is that I re-installed it twice already and on the third attempt it says that it has reached the activation limit.:upset:
thta's no problem,you just have to phone ms,they will ask for your number and when they check it is genuine
they will give you a new one to enter
so have pen and paper ready to write it down and read it back to them,to make sure you have written it down ok
That's all? Gee that's easy. Thanks.
not long ago i had to phone about 6 times in a day,they got a bit stroppy but they still gave me the key
Can I pester you for their phone #? only if u have it handy. Thanks for your help. :pray:
when the activation comes up choose to activate by phone and it will give you the loacal number to dial i am in australia our number would not be much use
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