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XFX 9800 GT not recognised

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My GeForce 7600 GS was struggling to play games well so I decided to upgrade to a XFX 9800 GT I have had lying around for quite a while that a friend didn't need for a build he had intended doing.

However, after swapping the cards the 9800 is not recognised.

I have an ABit AB9 mobo on Windows 7. I did a fresh install this week. After swapping the cards, I am running my display through the card.

I thought it might be PSU not having power but I have a Thermaltake TR2 500, which surely has enough power?

I checked the 9800 for unplugged cables but it has no 6 pin connector/any power supply connectors to connect to.

I ran Driver Sweeper, checked Add/Remove programs to remove drivers there and tried to uninstall via Device Manager. I installed the drivers for a 9800 GT off Nvidia's website.

The 9800 is still not recognised and despite having the drivers on, video is choppy.

What is strange is that the 7600 GS is still found in device manager and on Windows start up, it still wants to download the drivers even though the card is not there and I've done my best to get rid of all traces of the drivers for it.

What should I do? Is the card dead? Any point doing a new reinstall?
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Choppy video is commonly a result of no drivers installed.
Uninstall the 7600 in Device Manager. Use Revo Uninstaller to uninstall any & all video drivers you find. Install the latest drivers from Nvidia.
Thanks for the help.

Alas, I did the above after installing WIndows 7 on a seperate partition to make sure nothing else was interfering. However, when I tried to install the correct drivers, the installation wizard could not find a hardware device so would not install :(

Any ideas? If isn't lack of PSU amps/power (unlikely since I can display through the card, it's a 500W PSU?). Is the only conclusion that the card is dead?

Strangely, WIndows still installs some 6200 Turbocache display drivers (maybe I have onboard graphics too?)....even though I disabled auto installation of drivers.

THe 9800 card is not being detected at all but I can run a display through the card but without any benefit of having a decent graphics card...can't think what it could possibly be.
Is the 9800 new? Try it in another PC.
It was left over from a friend's build that didn't happen. He moved to the Canary Islands so left it with me, I don't think he ever used it but he certainly wouldn't have knowingly left me with a broken card.

I have a second PC, but it's older than my normal PC and thus the PSU might have less power (I don't think I built it with a bad PSU though). Is there any risk to trying the card in an underpowered PC (if indeed it is underpowered). Thanks again.
the tr2 is one of their low quality units

depending on which 9800 card you a quality 80+ 550/650w
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