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xbox quit working

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my xbox quit working this summer. i was playing it 1 day and it worked fine then the games started to glitch and freeze. then later the xbox said all these things in japanese and it would'nt work. a few months later i turned it on and it worked for about 5 days then quit again. When I turn it back on, it comes up in Japaneese. if you know anything tell me please ^_^.
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this may be a simple fix, perhaps not as complicated as you might think.

when you turn it on take out the game disc, and let it boot into the dashboard, if things come up in japanese, your XBox settings have been changed, this is simple to fix,

- move to the bottom most option, hit (A)
- highlight second option from the top, hit (A)
- english is the first option, [if for some reason it is not the first option, it will say ENGLISH as the title select that and you should be fine.]

now as far as the game freezing, and glitching, and or skipping during FMVs or game video demos [like the ones you see if the main menu has been idle for some time] this too could be an easy fix,

fix #1
- start the XBox without a game inserted
- let run for about 20 minutes to 30 minutes
- insert game, that might work.

fix #2
- insert HALO [the first one]
- let run for about 20 minutes, or play the game for about 20-30 minutes
- insert game you want to play, should work

fix #3
- insert game you want to play
- if it freezes or dows not load correctly you may have to restart the XBox sometimes as much as 5 times.

fix #4
- unplug power cord for about 10-20 minutes [perhaps even a day]
- plug back in and insert game see if that works

not sure why these work, but i have the Green HALO version of the XBox, and mine gimps out too. especially with new games and such, but all the above fixes work for me... my friends call it "Prime-ing the XBox" which is basically what i am doing, prime-ing it so i can begin using it properly..

hope all works out.
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