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I've just been using Modio, Profile Editor and Le Fluffie to mod my account. I have some games and achivements unlocked now and stuff.

Checked with Hash Block Calculator and the profile was safe and good to go.

I took my transfer cable to the xbox and took over the profile.

I was offline, i played ome Geometry Wars 2, and some games. Then I went online to see if it worked. It did.

But when I went into Halo 3, then I could not change the armor! :S

And the problems didnt stop there...

It seems that all the settings for the profile / account has been frozen and that you can not change anything that has the Live account to do ...

I tried to change my theme, edit gamerzone, edit my gamerpicture...

I choose my settings and it works for like a half second, but then it reverses back to the old settings... My old gamerpicture, gamerzone and old armor... :(

Is there anything i can do? Ive been googling all over and now im sick of it....

what should I do?

/ Tom
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