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Ok so I have what is to me a very strange and frustrating problem, my xbox no longer streams media from my pc like it did only a couple of days ago.

I am using windows vista and was using WMP 11 to stream all my movies and music to my Xbox, like I said this used to work fine up until only a few days ago. I am not using media center on my xbox and only go to video to watch my stuff.

What is happening now is that I can see all my files and it even shows when there are new ones added, the problem occurs when I try to play the files, it gives me an error message that goes like this:

The connection to your computer was lost. Make sure your computer is turned on, connected to your network and is running media sharing software.

Status code: 53-C00DF238
Now at this stage I should mention the only change that has ocurred in the last couple of days, I have gotten a bigger hard drive and copied my files to that drive, I can't imagine that this could be causing the problem though.

I have tested my media connection and everything checks out fine, I have tried using tversity which my xbox does not even pick up but that is besides the point, I have tried connecting it to media center but that also give me an error of some sort and well I have basically tried everything I can think of.

Any help would be very appreciated as this is frustrating the living **** out of me.
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