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Xbox 360 with DMZ, big risk?

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I have to make xbox live to be open NAT through my inteno router, but I'm not able to do it without using DMZ. Is there a big risk running DMZ on my xbox 360 ip address?

With my logical thinking it should be much harder for a hacker to breach into a xbox 360 than a computer, and therefore not that big risk compared to running on DMZ with a computer.
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I don't see it as a big risk, many people run that way. I'm sure there's some risk.

Why can't you simply port forward the correct ports?
Thank you for time johnwill!

I have tried to follow this guide:
On "Server IP Address" I typed in my Xbox360 (manually config.) IP Address.
I'm not 100% sure what an "Remote IP Address" is, but the only logical option for me was my IP address (found at

After I setup my router with these settings the NAT is at "moderate".

If this is wrong, please let me know.
Note: UPnP is activated.
Did "moderate" get you going? Those are the instructions I'd have pointed you to as well. :smile:
Moderate is between "Strict" and "Open", it will work with both of these, but only "Open" is optimal. I think I'll just stick with the DMZ choice until (eventually) someone post something very clever that will make NAT open for my Inteno X5671B :smile:
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