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Xbox 360 - Oblivion Dunegeon Glitch?

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Hey all

After working my way to level 42 I thought I might aswell start giving the storyline a shot. So - I'm in the oblivion gate by Anvil trying to close it so Anvil can send help to Bruma... theres just one small problem.

I've entered a cave inside the gate, somehow the dunegeon has been built that after I go a bit deeper (Through several doors) the map shows a door symbol on my map - But when I try opening it I get a message I've never seen before: "This door leads to nowhere" (Despite it still telling me to push A to open it). Now thats not so bad I guess...

...Except about 1 minute ago I freckin' had to jump down a hole to continue going deeper into the cave. I'm stuck between a door that won't let me past and a hole I can't quite jump back up. Surely this isn't supposed to happen?
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Welcome to TSF!

The caves usually have more than one door per level, so see if you can find another way out. If not, try loading from an earlier savegame, or even just skip the cave entirely - you don't need to go through it to close the gate.
Odd glitch. Have you got any earlier save games that wouldn't be too painful to revert to? Try checking for hidden doors & switches though. there are a fair few stone walls in Oblivion that can be moved.
Well, well my other saves would have lost me about 8 hours gameplay.

But silly be forgot to check the autosave! :grin:

That only lost me 5mins.
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