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Hello, I've recently run into a very annoying graphics problem. I had just installed Black&White 2 and was playing it when suddenly the play screen went half blue, sort of transparent blue.

At first I thought maybe my graphics card overheated (X800 radeon, 1 year old), so I left the computer for a couple of hours, came back, and it was still the same.

I then tried re-installing the driver's. Once I deleted my old catalyst 5.10 drivers and rebooted, all was well, no graphics corruption, so then I reinstalled them thinking that something was wrong with the old ones, the problem comes back. I tried doing a system rollback, no help.

After that, i tried installing the omega drivers, same thing.

It would be greatly appreciated if some could tell me what the problem is and maybe how to fix it.

AMD 64 3200+
1gb ram
ATI X800 pro
Win Xp pro
1 year old

I hadnt installed any new hardware or anything and have had 0 problems with this computer for 1 year.

Some screen shots (much worse in games and movies):

Thank you.
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